Memory of the days organization


We are a cultural organization that works on the valorization and development of the local cultural heritage by collecting and identifying the non-physical traditional  heritage in the governorate of Gabes that is composed of: 
– The verbal heritage and the dialect  
– Marriage and celebration traditions. 
– The artistic heritage of poetry , music and songs.
Old stories and wisdom tellings.
– The traditional artisanal crafts.


Our organization is composed of 14 active members and honorable members. It is managed, for instance, by an administration council composed of; The president, The secretary-General, The treasurer, and 12 members.

Our vision

We aim to be an efficient and reference organization in the non-physical cultural heritage sector at a local, national and international level while being accredited in this sector by UNESCO. 

Our objectives 

Organizing community awareness campaigns about the importance of the non-physical cultural heritage.

Encouraging local groups to participate in the preservation of the non-physical cultural heritage

Work on collecting and recording different types of non-physical cultural heritage in a methodological and technological way as well as organizing events and festivals.

Heritage preservation in order to guarantee its continuity by making research on its history and main components.