Gabes Oases cultures festival

Through this festival, the organization seeks to contribute on the protection of the intangible cultural heritage located in Gabes especially the artisanal heritage of the oases of the region, which present a living and renewable component that has been passed down from generation to the other and was preserved by the collective memory  for the purpose of valuing it.
This festival is organized in partnership with the delegate of cultural affairs in Gabes and the regional delegate for traditional industries in Gabes on an annual basis in October, when the oasis is at its peak. 
Its sections include:
 – An exhibition of the productions of the oases of the region and the traditional industries from the oasis’s fibers, fronds, succulents, reeds and wood. 
– Competitions in making sweets from oasis products, designing sculptures about the oases of Gabes, producing innovative products from vegetable fibers, and distilling herbs and flowers.
– Organizing tours in the oases of the region.
– Organizing meetings with experts on the collective memory and story tellers in the region.
– Organizing group lunches composed of many traditional dishes in the region and listening to a link from the oral heritage of tales, myths, proverbs, folklore songs…