Tell me a story 

This project is a part of the organization’s main objectives which consist of the inventories, the enhance, the conservation and the inclusion of the elements of intangible cultural heritage in the elements of sustainable development and to classify it as human heritage in the society as well as to create new jobs based on the art of storytelling, whether in schools, kindergartens or public libraries in all the delegations of Gabès.

Objectives that the project will achieve after the completion of the implementation phase:

1st Goal

To Contribute to the conservation and renewal of the tale according to the demands and changes of the weather.

2nd Goal

Contribute to creating jobs that depend on storytelling, whether in cultural institutions, cultural events and festivals, in schools or in kindergartens, to develop the listening and imagination of children and build self-confidence.

3rd Goal

Contribute to ensuring the continuity of the myth and its circulation between generations.



Contribute to the training of 30 young people by organizing 04 courses in: collection and blogging / the art of storytelling / photography / editing.

Seek to do fieldwork in 12 delegations in the state of Gabès to collect and record 15 tales – audio and video – with the storyteller.

The effort to create an Internet site “Kharfly is a fairy tale” which will allow visitors to discover the superstitions that we will collect from 12 delegations of the governorate of Gabès.

Presentation of 15 stories (video) – in the form of a competition – on the website and on the organization’s pages on social networks to choose the best story and the best storyteller, to honor the participants and award prizes to the winners.

Create an application “Kharifli Kharafa” on smartphones to enjoy listening to the best tales of the local Gabesian dialect and through the voice of the storyteller and in other languages.


Seek to publish 20 myths in a digital book on the website and on the association’s pages on social networking sites.

Realization of animation training for 30 young people.

Convert 5 cartoon tales into several languages ​​and publish them on the project site.

Twenty tales were printed in a paperback.

30 “Hakawati” for 30 young people who have benefited from the training